superbrands2015 mascarpone Today the London-based Brand Council founded in 1995 is present in 88 countries. This independent professional association created the Superbrands program with the purpose of having independent expert councils choose the most successful brands of various countries. The Superbrands award is available to brands that have acquired an outstanding reputation in their own areas, thanks to consumer satisfaction. The committee in charge of awarding the Superbrands recognition examines the traditions of a given brand, its historical background, the reputation and popularity of the brand, its corporate innovation and branding strategy. This award is an excellent indicator of which domestic brands are capable and willing to develop, which ones place appropriate emphasis on branding and can serve as examples for other domestic brands in this respect. The Superbrands award is also a guarantee for our customers and our business partners that they made a good decision when choosing our company and products, as indeed this award selects the best based on professional criteria. 
superbrands2015 mozzarella

In 2015, the professional board found two of our product families, Szarvasi Mascarpone and Szarvasi Mozzarella worthy of this prestigious recognition.


Moreover, our Szarvasi Mascarpone product family was recognized with the Superbrands award in 2012, 2013, and 2014, as well. After 2014, our Szarvasi Mozzarella product family won this recognition for the second time in 2015. Besides all this, the true recognition for us is, of course, our customers’ satisfaction.

business superbrands2015 mozzarella Additionally, in 2015, the committee found our Szarvasi Mozzarella product worthy of a Business Superbrands award, as well. The Business Superbrands program highlights the most excellent of the brands of the business sector, i.e. Hungarian companies that are engaged primarily not in business-to-consumer relationships, but in relationships with businesses and organizations.
Magyar Brands
magyarbrands 2015 

The Superbrands Hungary Expert Council has been awarding the MagyarBrands award since 2010 to Hungarian businesses that are worthy representatives of Hungarian companies abroad, as well. It is important for MagyarBrands that the domestic businesses should make their products using domestic materials, therefore this criterion has been taken into account by the Expert Council in its listing. Additionally, the companies are assessed also on the basis of criteria such as tradition, ownership, management, employment, reputation, corporate identity and brand awareness.


In the light of this, we feel we can be rightfully product of our Szarvasi Mozzarella brand’s winning this award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, as well.

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