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Szarvasi Mozzarella has been committed to promoting Italian culinary art in our country for 20 years. It is important for us to make as many people as possible familiar with the special and unique flavor of mozzarella and other traditional Italian cheeses, through our excellent quality products.

We are fully aware of the fact that the best quality can be achieved by combining traditional values with modern technology. The strict quality assurance system, professional knowledge and experience acquired in time, as well as our own modern lab, guarantee that our customers get the maximum satisfaction from our products.

Our products are made with first-class, exclusively domestic raw milk in our European level plant. Thanks to the constant developments, today we process roughly 100,000 liters of milk daily to make our special Italian cheeses.

Thanks to our diligent efforts made during the last two decades, and more, today we can proudly announce that our company is the most significant player on the domestic mozzarella production and trade market. This is attested by the fact that our products are available on the shelves of almost every hyper and supermarket in the country. In addition to the domestic market, we have been exporting our products to Italy and Romania for many years now.

Our professional success has been proven by our customers’ satisfaction, as well as by the awards won during the last few years. Szarvasi Mozzarella Kft. won a MagyarBrands award in 2012 and 2013, and our Szarvasi Mascarpone product has been recognized with a Superbrands award in the same years.

Thanks to our appreciation for milk, the expertise of our cheese maker masters, our openness and continuous innovation, we can always offer the best-quality products to our customers, which is indispensable for helping more and more people appreciate these special Italian cheeses.

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